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MonicaIsMyName - 28.04.2011

The fanclub told Monica on Twitter that her Birthday Present will arrive so soon and she answered!

El fanclub le dijo a Monica por Twitter que su regalo de cumpleaños estaba a punto de llegar y ha respondido:

@MonicaSanzOFC Oh! Thanks! I <3 it! My last bday present just arrived few minutes ago! I love to receipt presents from you! Love!

@MonicaSanzOFC Mmm, The perfect present would be all of you, my lovely army, inside a box! Have I guessed? Are you tweeting from a big box? hace cerca de 4 horas vía web en respuesta a MonicaSanzOFC

Oh thanks! I’ll wait for you!No matter the time,warriors,my Xmas suprise 4 u is standing by yet,but I don’t forget…maybe soon…Claws up!

hace cerca de 3 horas vía web


Message on Facebook

Yesterday, Monica Sanz Management left a message on facebook:


Ayer, el management de Monica Sanz dejó un mensaje en facebook:

To everybody who has asked us or is interested about:

Monica Sanz’s twitter profile is @monicaismyname and yes, it’s open and you can follow her! This facebook profile is not usually administered by her!


Para todos los que nos han preguntado o está interesado en ello:El perfil de Monica Sanz en twitter es @monicaismyname y sí, está abierto y podéis seguirla! Este perfil de facebook no suele ser administrado por ella!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Monica Sanz & AllMonicaSanz

Here's All Monica Sanz new design with exclusive photoshoot! Only in All Monica Sanz!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

When Monica becomes... Monica Sanz!!

Lady Poison, maquilladora personal de Monica Sanz, prepara a Monica para su último show. MyMonicaSanz ha compartido con nosotros este video y nos dice que…

Tengo que agradecer a Monica Sanz y a Lady Poison (su maquilladora personal) por dejarme grabar este espectacular momento del backstage, la otra noche en su último show.

De todas formas, Monica confesó que puede parecer tranquila y como cualquier otra chica cuando no está bajo los fotos, pero se deja llevar después de ser envenenada por su Lady: “Siento que todo el mundo puede ver como soy entonces, como soy cuando no estoy maquillada como una Barbie, mi yo real. Simplemente no puedo esconderlo, ni quiero hacerlo!”

Así que aquí tenéis a la real Monica Sanz!


Lady Poison, Monica Sanz’s personal make up artist, prepared Monica for her last show. MyMonicaSanz shared with us this video and they say…

I’ve gotta thank Monica Sanz and Lady Poison (her personal make up artist) for letting me recording this spectacular backstage moment, last night at her last show.

By the way, Monica confessed she can look like calmed down and like any other girl when she is not under the spotlights, but she lets herself go after being poisoned by her Lady: “I feel everybody can see who I am then, how I really look when I’m not made up as a Barbie girl, the real me. I just can’t hide it and I don’t want to!”

So here you’ve got the real Monica Sanz!


She is Gangsta Girl!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Monica Sanz World

You can visit now Monica Sanz World, a new warriors’s blog about Monica Sanz!
Don’t wait to see some pictures, already published but new on the net!


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Monica Sanz Note's: Jump sure and happy!

Warriors, you can’t imagine how hard my dancers work. I know “my somebody” has shown you a bit of the morning, afternoon and evening, but you don’t know that, with my schedule, those guys were with me from the early morning, ready for making a great job and learning everything. The choreography was not easy and they did!

Here you have the proof, trying to make one of the steps. It’s not easy trusting people you don’t know immediately so yes, some steps were not easy for me and they tried to make me trust…although even they didn’t trust themselves at all!!!

Fortunately I was too slept to feel how my legs were, and to hear what they were saying!



First sentence, to me: “Monica, 90% of acrobatics consist about not being scared, so jump!”

One minute after, to the dancer: “Be careful, she’s gonna land her mouth on the floor!”

I survived this time! !

Monica Sanz en Amigos del fiesta!

Mirad, en han puesto una noticia presentando el video de los ensayos de Monica Sanz para su actuación en Shoko.

Las que podáis, dejad comentario para que se note apoyo!!

La web de Monica Sanz, colapsada!

Algo ha ocurrido :s La web oficial se ha colapsado como cuando salió Stupid groupie!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monica Sanz Live at Shoko (new photos/nuevas fotos)

Fuente: Monica Sanz Official Facebook

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Monica Sanz - Fan art

Here you have a new fan art with a old picture of Monica Sanz! All Monica Sanz

Friday, April 15, 2011

Jump sure and happy! (Doesn't it remind you an advert?)

Warriors, you can’t imagine how hard my dancers work. I know “my somebody” has shown you a bit of the morning, afternoon and evening, but you don’t know that, with my schedule, those guys were with me from the early morning, ready for making a great job and learning everything. The choreography was not easy and they did!

Here you have the proof, trying to make one of the steps. It’s not easy trusting people you don’t know immediately so yes, some steps were not easy for me and they tried to make me trust…although even they didn’t trust themselves at all!!!

Fortunately I was too slept to feel how my legs were, and to hear what they were saying!


First sentence, to me: “Monica, 90% of acrobatics consist about not being scared, so jump!”

One minute after, to the dancer: “Be careful, she’s gonna land her mouth on the floor!”

I survived this time! Love!


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Vota por Monica Sanz // Vote for Monica Sanz

Os recordamos que podéis seguir votando por Monica Sanz en varias listas de diferentes radio:

El Rompido Radio - envía un mail a vota por Irresistible y Stupid Groupie.

OndaRadio 986 - envía un mail a vota por Irresistible y Stupid Groupie.

Radio Jove Alcoy - vota por Stupid Groupie en la encuesta de la sidebar derecha:


We just wanna remember that you can vote for Monica Sanz in some top 10 at different radios:

El Rompido Radio - sent an e-mail to vote for Irresistible and Stupid Groupie

OndaRadio 986 - sent ane -mail to vote for Irresistible and Stupid Groupie

Radio Jove Alcoy - vote for Stupid Groupie at the poll on the right side of the sidebar:


Monica Sanz’s Notes: Next time you’ll make it better!

Monica Sanz wrote a blog talking about her performance at Shoko last week:

Last night all my Spanish warriors were in my heart (literally, my brazalet) but it was not enough for me. I’m extremely sad for not sharing with you such a magical night and I’m sorry, but to be honest, I couldn’t do a thing.

I’d like you to think a private party is not a thing of mine, and my management treated the party as the owners asked for. Please, imagine the party as your party, I’d never say where is your party, what time or who’s gonna be there if you ask me for singing there. I hope you understand. Anyway, I’m the saddest person about the final result, because I’m dying to meet you and singing for you. I never forget about you and I really wish to meet you all soon. I LOVE YOU!I hope to compensate this soon! Apart of this, there were good things I would like to thank. First stop, I wanna thank “The Other Side” club, my amazing team for their incredible work! I wanna thanks my make up artist, Lady Poison & Cia for their imagination and great ideas so fast! My beautiful Arlena, always ready for everything and the rest of my staff. I can’t forget bright Eri DJ I’m dying to work with again soon, the disco and the staff there, and of course, my incredible new Spanish dancers. I have to thank a lot to them because of their efford, support and inconditional enthusiasm! With no time, rehearsals were hard and they were always ready! No matter the time, the hour, the weather, they were there and you got my trust. So you’re in the army and I will kidnap soon for more, I promise! Warriors, let me ask for something to show…


Monica Sanz ha escrito en su blog hablando sobre su actuación en Shoko Madrid. Puedes leer la traducción a continuación:

La otra noche todas mis warriors españolas estaban en mi corazón (literalmente, mi pulsera) pero no fue suficiente para mi. Estoy muy triste por no haber compartido una noche tan mágica con vosotras y lo siento mucho, pero para ser honesta, no pude hacer nada.

Me gustaría que pensarais que una fiesta privada no es cosa mía y mi management trató la fiesta como los propietarios lo pidieron. Por favor, imaginad que la fiesta es vuestra fiesta, yo nunca diría donde es la fiesta, a que hora es, o quién va a estar allí si me pidierais que cantara allí. Espero que lo entendáis.

De todas formas, soy la persona más triste por el resultado final, porque me muero por conoceros y por cantar para vosotros. Nunca me olvido de vosotros y realmente deseo conoceros a todas pronto. OS QUIERO!

Espero compensaros pronto por esto!

Aparte de esto, hubo cosas buenas que me gustaría agradecer. Primero, quiero agradecer al club “The Other Side”, mi maravilloso equipo por su increíble trabajo! Quiero agradecer a mi artista maquilladora, Lady Poison & Cia por su imaginación y grandes ideas tan rápidamente. Mi bella Arlena, siempre preparada para todo y el resto de mi staff. No puedo olvidarme del brillante Eri DJ, me muero por trabajar otra vez con él pronto, la discoteca y el staff de allí y por supuesto, mis increibles y nuevos bailarines españoles.

Tengo que agradecerles mucho por su esfuerzo, apoyo y entusiasmo incondicional.

Sin tiempo, los ensayos fueron duros y siempre estaban preparados! No importaba el tiempo, la hora, el clima, siempre estaban ahí y tienen mi confianza. Así que estáis en la armada y os secuestraré pronto para más, lo prometo!

Warriors, dejadme preguntar si puedo enseñar algo…


Monica Sanz . FanArt

Banner with LH Magazin pictures made by Karla // Banner hecho con las fotos de LH Magazin por Karla

Fuente: //

Monica Sanz - SHOKO (Madrid)

Gillian Carr ha subido fotos de Monica Sanz actuando en Shoko el pasado jueves.


Gillian Carr uploaded some pictures of Monica Sanz performing at Shoko last Thursday.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Monica Sanz - Some Extra Blogs...

Monica Sanz Management decided that they want to recompense the hard work of 5 blogs more gaving them some photoshoot, that have been published but never published on the net, to make new designs.

The blogs are:

Last 3 are blogs shared by differents warriors at, so that pictures will be send to that email adress.

Source: Monica Sanz Official Fan Club

Sunday, April 10, 2011

She is Monica Sanz's New Design

She is Monica Sanz has a new design!!!

You can enjoy now the new design of She is Monica Sanz with exclusives pictures!

Did you notice? Monica Sanz wore this robe to sing a song at her last performance in Madrid!

From She is Monica Sanz, we want to say thank you for the opportunity that they gave us of working on a new design with this new photoshoot!

Hope you like it and thank you so much for visiting She is Monica Sanz!

Source: She is Monica Sanz.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Monica Sanz: live in Shoko

Monica Sanz performing live in Shoko, Madrid. April, 7, 2011.

Monica Sanz: live in Shoko

Monica Sanz performing yesterday at Shoko Madrid.







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Monica Sanz Official Website

Now you can join Monica Sanz Official Website!

To join her site and participate in her forum, now you can register yourself by clicking on "Register" placed in the black line on the top of the page.

Take part of her adventure!

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Monica Sanz : Interviews

An old interview...remember!

Being a successful top model as you are, you know about the rule of the body mass on the catwalk…have you ever had problems with that? What do you think about this rule?

That’s a good question. Although I could spend hours talking about this, the truth is that this rule is not applied in most of the internationals fashion shows. Personally, I haven’t had problems with that but I think it’s difficult to control all the girls according to general figures. Each girl is totally different and I know colleagues who don’t reach the minimum allowed and they are completely healthy. However, others have perfect measures and BMI and also have food disorders. I think they should value other things as each girl constitution or her mental health. The problem is that it’s socially understood that a model has the perfect body and it’s not. The perfect general measures don’t exist. For me, the perfect body is the one which allows you to be healthy and do everything normally including breathing, eating, seeing, etc. A perfect body is the one which allows you live without taking so much care of it.

Each person has his own perfect body, measures, and BMI when he is completely healthy. Anyway, if this rule helps to avoid food disorders I suppose it’s good, although for me, a lot of times it’s just another advertising and controversial method to promote the fashion show. And here we can talk if you want why this rule is not applied in international fashion shows.

Although you collaborate with campaigns against anorexia, have they ever told you you are too slim or have they ever called you anorexic? What do you think about this?

Well, I don’t know if you know that I suffered from anorexia. I’m not proud of it but I’m not embarrassed either. It’s a serious problem and a mental problem too. In fact, I think you never give it up completely. Of course, they have told me anorexic many times and a lot of people have told me I’m too slim. Even my cousin called me “spaghetti”. However, when I was 15 and with 47 kilograms a Spanish designer called me “fat dwarf”…you see!

I ask if someone knows someone with anorexia, bulimia or other food disorder, have a lot of patience and understanding with her/him and ask for help to professional people, it’s the only way. It’s not just saying “if you eat, you will be OK”, it’s not that easy… And the fact is that “a bit fat” girl can also have anorexia and no all the slim girls have to have it…

Probably you know about the new Spanish size system, in it women are classified as bells, diabolos or cylinders, what do you think about this? What kind of woman do you think you are?

For me, this is the most horrible thing I’ve ever read! There are as many kind of women as women in the world…

And about your question, I’m supposed to be a diabolo but my breast is 2 centimeters smaller than my hip. Maybe that turn me into a funnel…

Lot of media , people… blame fashion world, advertisements and woman stereotype showed in magazines for anorexia, bulimia, and teenagers problems and disorders, how does this affect you? What do you think?

As I said before, it’s a mistake. Depending on what you want to do with your life, you will have to prepare your body in one way or another. And you have to consider your physical faculties too. For instance: I’m slim but I will never win a medal as a gymnast. I’m not tall enough to play basketball. And I haven’t got strength to throw anything…

I assure you that if a model has health problems, she doesn’t work! Not because they don’t let her work, but because she can’t. For being a model you have to have a lot of resistance and strength, although it doesn’t seem so… you would be surprised if you knew how difficult is to take each photo!

When you see a magazine, you should think that a model is ready for the object and it’s going to be seen just what she wants to, and the make up and the light are perfect! Regardless whether we take care of ourselves,etc.

You are a great model, you have an amazing body, and you easily can occupy the mind and the heart of a lot of men but, is there a man who occupy this space for you?

Wow! Thank you very much for all the compliments!!! Don’t think being a model helps me to make out with someone…not at all! Actually, boys don’t usually get closer to me. And about the question, well, yes, a lot of men occupy my heart: my father, my brother…

What is your favourite designer? And your favourite garment?

It depends on the garment a lot. For example I love Religión jeans, Dior, Valentino, Ellieb Saab or Versace night dresses, La Perla and Victoria’s Secret swimming costumes and lingerie, Jimmy Choo shoes…you have told me one of my favourite topics!

My favourite garment is the high-heeled shoes, with no doubt. I think you can dress up bad but if your shoes are OK, you fix the disaster!

Have you ever been naked in a photo shooting?

Yes, but just covering myself. And if it would be needed to help a good cause, I will do it, with no doubt, with a good photography and always stylish and beautiful.

A model you admire or inspire you.

There are a lot, but if I have to choose one: a Spanish one, Eugenia Silva and in the rest of the world, it would probably be Alessandra Ambrosio. But I insist, there are a lot!

If they would give you the chance to spend a whole day with your idol, who would you choose?

Michael Jackson, with no doubt. Although I’m thinking about a lot of people who I would like to talk to, for me it would be a childhood dream come true.

If you would go to a dessert island, what two things would you carry with you? (and food and drink don’t count,LOL)

Doesn’t use to be 3? Well, as you have given to me food and drinks, I would carry my sun cream lotion and a Victoria’s secret bikini just in case I find a pirate! (laughs)

What you wouldn’t do, even paying you?

I couldn’t betray someone never, either my own principles. For me, sincerity, trusting in someone and faithfulness are very very important.

What do you think about your own fan club?

You make me feel so happy! Just thinking that one person in the world like what I do is amazing. I’m very excited and very proud of you! I love all you do: the web, the welcomes, your letters, the media mess…! (laughs)

Sometimes, journalists and photographers call me telling me that you have called them or they are amazed for something you have done and I cry, everything is so beautiful…keep on doing this and for they…tough! (laughs)

The best of all is thinking that in some way, you have joined some people and they spend a great time doing things together or talking about what you do.

It’s difficult that a model has a fan club so, I’m amazed for having the luck of having you next to me and if I think about it I have vertigo. I mostly consider you part of the team in each photo shooting!

At the same time it is a huge responsibility, I’m scared of disappointing you or giving you a bad example. Now, the consequences of everything I do are higher.

You are something huge, very important for me. Since you are here, you have given to me a new sense in my job and I feel more strength and more support than never.

I can keep on talking for hours and I won’t be able to thank you everything you have done for me. Above all, I’m proud of you and you will always have a huge part of my heart. Thank you very much to all of you!

Do you miss Spain when you are travelling around the world?

A lot, you can’t imagine how much I miss it! The food, the climate, the people, the ham (laughs)…I love travelling and knowing places but Spain is my place, it’s my country, here is everything! And Spanish people are different, and a lot of people say this not only me! I love arriving somewhere and say that I’m Spanish!

What is your favourite food?

It’s easy captivating me with food. I like everything and I taste everything! I love oriental food and exquisiteness, but if you give me a fried egg with fries I love eating that!

What do you do in your spare time?

What time? If I have spare time to be alone in the hotel room I write, listen to music… If you are referring to having free days to spend with people, it changes! I love doing things with my friends as going to safaris, riding horses, or just going to the cinema! But I can’t go out with them to parties because I usually go to many…and I’m tired of them.

Source: Monica Sanz Official Fan Club

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Gracias a Carol, podemos ver unas fotografías de Monica Sanz saliendo de los estudios de Europa Fm en Madrid en abril de 2010. Podeis verlas más grandes en la galería de