Saturday, July 23, 2011

Monica Sanz Notes: Who is he?

Monica has written again on her blog and she told us a secret!
I’m gonna confess a secret (that I don’t know if I can): 
Some time ago, when I thought about recording the “Stupid Groupie” video (something really, really difficult as everything I have in mind), I called this guy for him to take part of it, and he seemed excited about the idea of becoming an actor and wearing a Mohawk!
Our schedules made impossible the recording and we had to postpone it but now…we have no Mohawk! I guess now he might get a character at “Die Hard 5” or something with Bruce Willis. Anyway, I wish him the best and now I’m pretty sure that bald men give good luck. Do you guys know who this new bald man is?
I’ll give you some tracks: After cutting his hair, he has won every match he has played again (we will see today in Hamburg), and probably if you ask him what is at his head, he would answer (whispering): “Passiooooonnnn” 
Get it?

New Picture on LastFM

On Monica Sanz's LastFM profile we can see a new photo

Monica Sanz New Picture - Shoko Madrid

Here you can see another picture of Monica Sanz performing at Shoko

New Picture on Facebook!

You can enjoy now a new picture of Monica Sanz on facebook

Monica Sanz on Facebook

Monica Sanz Official Profile on Facebook has been disabled. While the problem is solved  you can stay tuned on her official fanpage or in the official fanclub’s facebook:


Mónica Sanz Notes: Officially Dangerous!

Monica Sanz's Facebook profile has been disabled! She explains on her blog:
Believe it or not, my facebook profile account has been disabled!!!
It’s not a mistake, Facebook really thinks I’m dangerous… I love it!
The official answer from them is that they are confused about me, and they are not sure about me, it’s the real me…no comment about this!
This has opened my eyes! Maybe they are right, because I don’t even feel myself the same way anymore but, who knows who is me better than me? In fact, fans apart, I don’t think people really know me because of that model thing called Monica Sanz… so maybe this could be the start for a new age.
There is only one thing will never change: I LOVE MY ARMY!
Anyway, I want my page back! Dear friends of Facebook: don’t make me call the warriors…

Monica Sanz Olympus Wallpapers

¡¡Aquí podéis ver unos Wallpapers con fotografías utilizadas en el diseño de Mónica Sanz Olympus!!

Here you come see some Wallpapers with pictures used in Monica Sanz Olympus new design!!

PhotoShoot Monica Sanz Fans!

¡Aquí tenéis una de las fotos utilizadas para el diseño de Monica Sanz Fans!

¡¡¡Visita ahora Mónica Sanz Fans !!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Concurso Monica Sanz Official Fan Club

Los ganadores del concurso del fan club que han ganado una foto firmada por Monica Sanz son:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Monica Sanz Fans

This is gonna be your new favorite site. Monica Sanz Fans has a new crazy design sooooooo cool!

Check and enjoy it! You never has seen Monica Sanz like this before!

Monica Sanz Olympus

Monica Sanz Olympus has already a new design!

Check out and enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monica Sanz and Michael Jackson (Fan art)

Nuestra amiga Miki_Weasley_Croft le hizo un dibujo increíble a Monica Sanz por su cumpleaños y hoy os lo traigo para que lo disfrutéis.


Our friend Miki Weasley Croft made ​​a incredible drawing to Monica Sanz for her birthday and today I am bringing him to enjoy it.


Monica Sanz Official Facebook

Listen to the warriors and join! Share the banners!

Thanks to Irene & Mai.


Escucha a las warriors y únete a! Comparte los banners!

Gracias Irene & Mai.


Monica Sanz's notes: Soon you'll get "Mehr" ! (Español)

Aquí os traemos la traducción del nuevo blog de Monica Sanz escrito en alemán! Habla sobre una colaboracion con M.O.C!
Hey Warriors!Hoy me gustaría presentarles a un talentoso productor y rapero! Mi querido amigo, M.O.C!Acaba de lanzar su nuevo video, con su grupo "Le Grand Zaque Uff". Probablemente trabajaremos juntos muy pronto, así que quizás lo volveréis a ver de nuevo...


Source: All Monica Sanz

Monica Sanz's notes: Soon you'll get "Mehr" ! (English)

Here you have the translation of the new blog of Monica Sanz! She talks about a collaboration with M.O.C!

Hey Warriors!Today I would like to introduce you a talented producer and rapper! My dear friend, M.O.C!Just released her new music video, with his band "Le Grand Zaque Uff." Probably we will work together very soon, so maybe you will see him again ...

Source: All Monica Sanz 

[FANART] Monica Sanz, performance in Shoko

Source: Monica Sanz Fans

Monica Sanz & Monica Sanz Olympus

Now you can enjoy the new design for Monica Sanz Olympus! With the exclusive photoshoot!
Only in: Monica Sanz Olympus

Friday, July 8, 2011

Monica Sanz - in Shoko (Madrid)

Source: Monica Sanz Official Facebook

Monica Sanz & Hilary Duff rocking this world!

Monica Sanz feat. Livvi Frank - Automatic

Monica Sanz on Spotify!

You can enjoy now “Irresistible” & “Stupid Groupie” on Spotify!

Stupid Groupie:


Monica Sanz Official Fanclub Contest

 Do you know about the official fanclub contest? Check this site out and win a Monica Sanz's autograph!

Sorteo Monica Sanz Official Fanclub

 ¿Todavía no te has enterado del concurso que organiza el fanclub? ¡Visita la siguiente página y gana una foto firmada por Monica Sanz!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Monica Sanz Official Fan Club Contest!

New contest! Enjoy it and participe!

Hello everyone,

As we said in our post because of the Fanclub's 3rd anniversay, in this new age, there will be suprises for everybody.
Monica Sanz always keeps her warriors in mind and this time, she wanted to send us a little present to prove.

Despite the anniversary we're talking about was, in fact, some months ago, we have now five pictures of Monica Sanz, signed personally by her, each one with a little different dedication, for the members of her official fanclub.

As we said in this post, because of the changes that have happened this last months, payment members would have more possibilities in a contest or draw to get, this time, one of the signed pictures.

So, 3 pictures will be drawed to the payment members and 2 for the free members. That means there will be two parallel draws.

Then the draw will be this way:

1. To participate, you have to be fanclub MEMBER. Remember now it's free. Here you will find all the information to become a fanclub member. (Remember your information will NEVER be shared with ANYONE)

2. Before July 14th, inscription's deadline, you will have to send an e-mail to telling us you're interested on being part of the draw including your full name and a valid post address to send you the price if won.

3. Once we receive all the inscripcions and reached the deadline, a number will be randomly given to everyone who had correctly followed the previous steps (being a fanclub member + e-mail with full name + valid post address).

4. Once the list is created, it will be published in the forum (only names and numbers)

5. The draw will be made with a specialized website for it to be totally objective and clean.

6. Since July 14th, once both draws are made, the 5 winner will be announced on the fanclub's website and official forum.

If you have any doubt, please contact us as always.



Posted by All Monica Sanz

Concurso aniversario Monica Sanz Official Fan Club

Nuevo concurso! Disfrutalo y participa!

Hola a todos,

Como ya anunciamos en nuestro mensaje con motivo del 3º aniversario del fanclub, en esta nueva etapa, van a haber sorpresas para todos los socios.
Monica Sanz siempre tiene a sus warriors en mente y esta vez, ha querido enviarnos un pequeño obsequio para demostrarlo.

A pesar de que el aniversario del que hablamos, fue hace unos meses, tenemos cinco fotos de Monica Sanz firmadas de su puño y letra, cada una con una pequeña dedicatoria diferente, para sortear entre todos los miembros de su fanclub oficial.
Como informamos en este post, debido a los cambios realizados en estos últimos meses, los socios de pago tendrían este año en caso de concurso o sorteo, más posibilidades de conseguir, en este caso, una de las fotografías.
Por lo tanto, 3 fotografías serán sorteadas entre los socios de pago y 2 entre los socios gratuitos. Es decir, se realizarán dos sorteos paralelos.
El sorteo, entonces, se hará de la siguiente manera.
1. Para participar, deberás ser SOCIO del fanclub. Recuerda que ahora es gratuito. Aquí encontrarás toda la información para convertirte en miembro del fanclub. (Recordad que vuestros datos no serán compartidos con NADIE, NUNCA)

2. Antes del día 14 de Julio, día en que se terminará el plazo de inscripción, tendréis que enviar un mail a mostrando vuestro interés de participar en el sorteo incluyendo en él, vuestro nombre completo y una dirección de correo válida donde poder hacer llegar el premio en caso de que resultéis ganadores.

3. Una vez recibidas las inscripciones y terminado el plazo, se asignará un número por persona de manera aleatoria a todos aquellos que hayan seguido correctamente los pasos anteriores y que por lo tanto, cumplan los requisitos que se piden (ser socio del fanclub + mail de participación con nombre completo + dirección de correo válida).

4. Una vez creada la lista de participantes, ésta será publicada en el foro (solo los nombres junto con su número asignado).

5. El sorteo se realizará a través de una web especializada en sorteos a fin de que éste sea totalmente objetivo y transparente.

6. A partir del día 14, una vez realizado los dos sorteos (socios de pago y gratuito), se anunciaran los cinco ganadores en la web y foro del fanclub oficial.

Para cualquier duda, no dudéis en poneros en contacto con nosotros como siempre.

¡Muchísima suerte a todos!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monica Sanz - Star 2

Monica Sanz appears once again on the spanish magazine Star2! Send you fanart of Monica Sanz to !

You can see it bigger here.

Source: Monica Sanz Fans

All Monica Sanz Spain!

You have already available All Monica Sanz in Spanish! Just select your language on the right of the blog! Check it out!

Monica Sanz in Shoko (New picture)

Again, thanks to the official facebook, we have a new picture of the singer, Monica Sanz, in Shoko (Madrid)
Enjoy it!

Source: All Monica Sanz

Monday, July 4, 2011

Monica Sanz at The other side!

You can see a new picture of Monica Sanz on , thank you to the official facebook ( ). She is the best singer!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Greatest Monica Sanz!

The greatest singer, Monica Sanz singing The greatest love:

What's your favorite website about Monica Sanz?

What's your favorite website about Monica Sanz?

1) Official?

2) Fan Club?

3) She is?

4) Miss?

5) Olympus?

6) Show?

7) Fans?

Cual es tu página favorita sobre Monica Sanz?

Cual es tu página favorita sobre Monica Sanz?

1) Official?

2) Fan Club?

3) She is?

4) Miss?

5) Olympus?

6) Show?

7) Fans?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Se me olvidaba, parece que está en LA

Por cierto, que se me ha ido, parece ser que hay gente que ha visto a Monica Sanz en LA, por lo que deducimos que cuando dejó Tokio, se fue directamente allí.

Tiene un piercing Monica Sanz?

Un nuevo rumor: parece que alguna fan ha visto a Monica Sanz con una camiseta de tirantes en LA y le ha parecido que tiene un piercing en el pezón izquierdo, pero hasta que haya fotos, lo dejamos como rumor!

Friday, July 1, 2011

All Monica Sanz will be available in Spanish!


All Monica Sanz will be in spanish soon!!! Check all Monica Sanz out!

On All Monica Sanz, they have a new image of the month

On the blog, All Monica Sanz, they have one new image of the month!

Watch it here:

Official website available again!

The official website is available again after being collapsed this morning!

Visit and join the forum!

Do you wanna see more about Monica Sanz?

Do you wanna see more about Monica Sanz? Check and be the first watching a new image!