Monica Sanz's groupies were born on July, 26th, 2008 as a support website for the sexiest singer, Monica Sanz, also know as "The Goddess".

Since the beginning it has been one of the most visited pages about Monica Sanz and it is thank you to you!

This is not an official blog. We have NOT contact with Monica Sanz, neither her management and we have not more contact with her official fan club than any other user. We are only normal warriors.

We don't write only about official information, we write about everything about Monica Sanz, good or bad.

Our information is not only from the official website, we get it from press, paparazzis, fans, warriors and more, so please, remember not everything is put, has to be always true. Official pages are there for that!

This is for fun!

Welcome to Monica Sanz Groupies!

Monica Sanz Groupies Staff